Shade of the Morning Sun is …

A series of linked short stories that …

Combine to one life-long road-novel about …

Carrie Sawyer – recovering addict, searching artist, restless traveler and mum-in-training.

Each story is intended to be self-contained – so you can start anywhere.

The stories start with Carrie in high school in 1995 and always go up until the current year.


A main theme in Carrie’s life is very much encapsulated in the the classic ’80s synth-pop song, “True Faith” – the lyrics of which include the line: 

“I’ve seen the light in the shade of the morning sun”.

The lyrics of the song refer to the effects of drug use that was the main theme of the song, but to me they also referred to what you wanted to gain from escaping into drugs. You wanted to see the light in everything!

How then is that possible in general and without any kind of the ‘drugs’ we use to numb ourselves from reality – work, sex, alcohol, etc.?

That is one of the big questions Carrie is searching to find out through her adult life and beyond, while she is constantly struggling to pick up the pieces and learn from all of her mistakes in the past.

So Shade of the Morning Sun is a story about redemption and above all … hope

Some selected stories to get you started…

Boats Against The Current

1995: Carrie just moved to big city Cleveland from the Scottish country-side, but now she finds herself at the bottom of the pecking order of her new high school. Having left an alcoholic father and now living with a chronically broke mother, Carrie‘s only anchor is her yearning to one day become an artist but she swings between deep insecurity and fierce determination.

Then she meets Lin Christakis – sole offspring from a dysfunctional marriage between an IT-millionaire and a washed up English professor. Her mood is often as black as her Goth make-up, and she is hell-bent on becoming the next Virginia Woolf. Even so, Carrie and Lin manage to click after one huge trial that almost makes them enemies for a lifetime.

A tale about the beginning of an unlikely but ultimately unbreakable friendship begins here …

That Which Cannot Be Broken

2003: On the run from drug-addiction and her violent ex-boyfriend, Carrie is hiding out in a small Montana town. When she is witness to bikers assaulting a man she has to make yet another choice about life or death …

Like The Wind Through My Tree

2005: The lonely cop – Jon – is trying to figure out if he has the courage to start a relationship with the lonely waitress – Carrie. Or if he even should, since he (rightly) suspects she, like himself, is ‘damaged goods’ … 

One Step Closer 

2019: Carrie is offered a 100,000 dollars from an obscure religious organisation to ‘change her life’. She is pretty desperate to receive it, since she hates her job and feels her life is in a rut. But the offer may just tear her fragile family apart before she can make a final decision …

All stories are written by Christopher Marcus.

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