The Author

My name is Christopher Marcus, I am 45 years old, happily hitched, and raising little Jay. When I don’t raise my kid or work, I write and draw.

I live in Scandinavia but I like to write about the Americas, though – mostly the US – and the people living there. Oh, and Scotland, too! Don’t ask why … I guess there is a mythical quality to these regions that somehow always attracted me, but I like to explore the intersection between myth and reality most – how my protagonists deal with it all, when their dreams for the good life don’t always turn out right.

What I have just been writing …  

Bound To Be A Better Ride

Lin and Carrie talk on the phone at Christmas about how to deal with hating your parents – and other blossoming friendship things

Finished August 2019, taking place 24 December 1995. Soundtrack: Bangles – “A Hazy Shade of Winter”.


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