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The Things Behind The Door

Carrie is no longer able to hide her jealousy of Lin’s wealth and has to decide if she wants to keep living in the same apartment as her best friend.

Finished May 2019, taking place September 1997. Soundtrack: Oasis – “Stand By Me”.

One Step Closer

Carrie is offered a 100,000 dollars from an obscure religious organisation to ‘change her life’. She is pretty desperate to receive it, since she hates her job and feels her life is in a rut. But the offer may just tear her fragile family apart before she can make a final decision.

Finished 22 April 2019, taking place April 2019. Soundtrack: Simple Minds – “Sanctify”

Hello And Welcome

Carrie is close to going crazy for not being able to get something going with regard to her broken dreams about becoming an artist. But having been out of the practice for almost 20 years, having fried her brain more than once with coke in her younger days and now being caught up in family and dead end job … that gives her a constant feeling of not having time, space or energy to move on this path. Maybe she just has to let go and accept it is over. But then what?

Finished 16 December 2018, and taking place that day as well. Soundtrack: Enigma – “Hello and Welcome”.

Like The Wind Through My Tree

About a lonely cop – Jon – trying to figure out if he has the courage to start a relationship with a lonely waitress – Carrie. Or if he even should, since he (rightly) suspects she, like himself, is ‘damaged goods’. Jon due to his alcoholic father and Carrie due to her former drug-use. In actuality they both need each other, but as often is the case – it is very, very hard to see that when you feel like the world’s greatest mess yourself …  

This story I finished in December 2018, but it takes place in 2005. Soundtrack “She’s Like The Wind” by Patrick Swayze and Wendy Fraser.

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