Islands In The Mind

Her name’s Siobhan – (21, Cape Breton, Canada) –  and she’s been my travelling mate for about half an hour.

That is, if we are going anywhere at all.

Because if we are not going anywhere, maybe we are not mates at all?

Maybe we were just both feeling a bit lonesome after a long time on the road, and maybe we both happened to need a chat at the same time, while struggling to make the ancient computer at the hostal Margarita send an e-mail before it went into another coma.

And maybe we just both gave up at the same time, one of us just going ‘fuck it – I’m going to grab something to eat. Hey – want to come?’

And next we both went out in to the slightly chaotic but rather grey and soulless streets of this near-border town, but didn’t feel hungry anyway and decided to stroll the harbor instead.

But isn’t that enough to be travel mates, even if it only last for a few precious hours one random evening in your life? Continue reading