The White Room

Before you can receive support from the Give Way Initiative you must answer these three questions:

1) What did you dream of when you were younger?

2) If you failed in achieving these dreams, why was that? What happened?

3) What are you willing to do to achieve your dreams before it is too late – if you receive the 100,000 dollars Church Universal provides as part of the Initiative?

Your answers:




Additional comments:

Marcus, no—just NO. 

We agreed to a meeting because I needed to understand why you apparently want to play favorites with me for a golden ticket to your ‘Give Way’ lottery. 

Because Deborah said that you had promised to do exactly that. Instead I sit here in your goddamn morgue-like waiting room with a piece of paper like the rest of the beggars. 

Your secretary said you had agreed to a personal meeting, and you even fucking texted me yourself that you were in today. So you knew I wanted to talk—face to face—about why you apparently want me to join up. 

You also knew it’s because I am not even clear if I want to be a part of any of it!

If you really want us to be closer as a family, after you married my mom, you just failed spectacularly, buster. I could have filled this form out online instead of flying all the way to your LA version of Tyrell HQ. 

Yeah, you can ask me about that reference, if we ever see each other again … 


Cover photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash