Shade of the Morning Sun is the ongoing story about Caroline “Carrie” Sawyer and a lot of other people who knew her, loved her and – a few noteworthy times – wanted to kill her.

The stories are written by me – Christopher Marcus. (But hopefully, others will join the fray soon, as I now receive submissions.)

My vision is for Shade of the Morning Sun to be an ever-growing cluster of stories. Here you can read longer and shorter stories about the same cast of characters, all linked together.

You decide where to start and who to follow.

In time, I hope Shade of the Morning Sun will not be the only cluster of stories out there, but for now, this is what there is – at least that I know of.


In terms of structure, you could compare Shade of the Morning Sun a bit to an interactive version of the movie Short Cuts or to James Joyce’s insane and ingenious masterpiece, Ulysses.

Basically what this means is that there are a lot of characters in the story whose lives are interwoven, but there is no ‘master plot’.

As for the mood and style, it is my aspiration that my own Shade of the Morning Sun-stories will be more like what you get if you read authors like Andre Dubus III (House of Sand and Fog, The Garden of Last Days).

Again, I’m only talking inspiration here. It will likely be a long time before I can write like that. But I intend to strive for it.

The storytelling

Most stories from Shade of the Morning Sun are told from Carrie’s POV and in the first person – and in an almost diary-like perspective.

There are also a few stories written in third person.

And there are stories told from the POV of other persons, whom Carrie knows (or knew) in her life – especially her best friend Lin, who is now dead – and her husband, Jon, who is not dead (and hopefully won’t be for many years).

Summing it all up

Shade of the Morning Sun is a never-ending series of stories connected, woven together

… from both past and present

… imagination and reality

… life.

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