Shade of the Morning Sun is the ongoing story about Carrie Sawyer and a lot of other people who knew her, loved her and – a few noteworthy times – wanted to kill her.

The stories are written by me – Christopher Marcus.

This is the complete – unfiltered – repository of my stories.

Most stories are told from Carrie’s POV and in the first person – and in an almost diary-like perspective.

There are also a few stories written in third person.

And there are stories told from the POV of other persons, whom Carrie knows (or knew) in her life – especially her best friend Lin, who is now dead – and her husband, Jon, who is not dead (and hopefully won’t be for many years).

In short: Stories connected, woven together, from both past and present, imagination and reality – life.


All the people I was kissing
Some are here
And some are missing