Photos and images

Photos and images

I aim to use only photos or images with permission or that are clearly marked with a creative commons license. My go to-sources are Unsplash and Pixabay.

I usually use CC photos you don’t need to credit because I can’t think of a smart way to credit the photos that are used in the post archives, sliders, and similar design elements. But I am in the process of crediting the individual photos within the stories (at the bottom of the page so far).

Until that work is complete, I’ve elected for a less elegant solution which is a link in my footer on all pages to a big gallery over at Unsplash. Here I have collected all the photos I use from that site (which is 99 percent of all my images). From that gallery you can go directly to the photographer’s profile and see more of their work, and maybe even hire them, should you wish to.

If you for some other reason don’t want me using a particular image or photo, CC-licensed or not, please contact me so I can remove it right away:

Chris AT shadeofthemorningsun DOT com