I have for some time now had a vision of an even larger story than Shade of the Morning Sun, also published online as connected short stories.

This story would become a vastly bigger pool of linked short stories – much bigger than just the linked stories that make up Shade of the Morning Sun.

Perhaps it is easier to visualize if we think of other websites like this one with a collection of stories as a Cluster of Stories.

I really think it would be awesome if there were other clusters of stories like Shade of the Morning Sun with series of linked short stories about the same cast (e.g. a family, a group of friends).

It would be even more awesome if these clusters (sites with stories) all connected to other clusters of stories! So cluster A links to cluster B which links to cluster C which links back to cluster A and so on …

An example

Let’s say there is a website with a story-cluster about a family in South Africa and their experiences in the last handful of decades.

This ‘South Africa Stories’-site could then link to Shade of the Morning Sun by way of one or two short stories, where the characters from each cluster interact.

I have an as-of-yet undeveloped story idea about Carrie’s brother-in-law, Dave, whom I’d like to write about as he travels Africa for awhile searching for some larger meaning in his life.

Then he discovers that he is not really supposed to be there or to help anyone there with anything. He is supposed to go home and try to do what he is good at namely writing.

Or something to that effect. As said – the idea is very sketchy.

Anyway, Dave could easily meet a character or two from South Africa Stories while he is traveling.

Or maybe a South Africa character gets a job in the US, migrates over there and meets Carrie or Jon? The possibilities are pretty much endless, but this is just an example of how it is supposed to work.

Imagine then in 10 or 20 years or more, when you have maybe a hundred clusters around the Internet with stories about all sorts of people in many different regions: China, Russia, Europe, the Middle-East, South America, etc.

And many more story clusters taking place in North America, of course.

Some of these clusters are linked, some are not, but every cluster links to at least one other cluster.

So in principle, all clusters of stories form part of a greater story, even if it’s definitely not your average novel or book.

Inspired? Join the vision

I hope that in the future other writers will be inspired by this vision and begin writing clusters of linked stories and publish them online as I have – and then start to connect to other clusters.

I think that could be really, really cool. I mean, the sheer number of all of these clusters of stories with links to other clusters. Awesomely mindboggling! 🙂

If you feel the same way, why not get started and throw me an email, to see if our stories can link up?

Remember: Everything is connected 🙂