Shade of the Morning Sun

– everything is connected

Novel-in-Stories: Your Want from the Day

Like Grace From The Earth

On a bus-ride, Carrie befriends Anna, an elderly photographer who shows her a perspective on life.


Every day Carrie counts 78 houses together with her autistic son.

Ancient Melodies

Are you meant not to be friends with some people, even though you feel you have a strange connection?

Pirañas Under Our Feet

Returning to Bolivia after 15 years, Carrie finds out that an old friendship perhaps never was what she imagined it to be.


A story about family hope, despair and Michael’s extraordinary abilities.

The Stormlamp

Carrie and Jon are at war every night to get their son to sleep. And there are no winners.

One Step Closer

Carrie is offered 100,000 dollars from the head of a Scientology-like organization to ‘change her life’ but what is the catch?