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My first collection is now for sale as an ebook from Amazon and other outlets. It includes the first eight stories from Depending on the Morning Sun for easy reading on your favorite digital reader or app, and a special – longer – story not available anywhere else.


 Depending on the Morning Sun is Shade of the Morning Sun’s companion site.

Like this site, it is laid out as a blog but it only publishes stories about Carrie and Jon’s years in Yuma with the kids (circa 2015 and onward). I also comment exclusively on each story’s creation in the blog comments under each story.

New stories are published weekly, give or take a few days.

You can follow the site via the follow system if you are a member.

New stories for the blog are archived here on Shade of the Morning Sun and publicized on Shade of the Morning Sun’s Facebook page, so if you follow that page you will also be notified of these stories.