Why do you publish stories in non-chronological order?

Because I love it. 🙂 I simply love the idea that there is this universe – a whole life – which is already lived up (until the present day at least) for my main character, and that I can choose to zoom in on any one part of that life and tell a story from that day, week or even hour.

I was always a big fan of the Star Trek-universe in which they regularly publish books taking place on all kinds of different spots on the timeline, so one year we get some stories from Captain Kirk’s youth and another year some more stories from his old age. And each and every writer makes an effort to fit the stories with what came before and make it all into one Big Coherent Story, even if they have to take into account continuity from a story that was written in, say, 1990. I always wondered, why can’t you do this kind of big-coherent-universe-thing in contemporary fiction? Does it only have to be in genre-fiction, like scifi or fantasy? The answer is obviously, no. So … here I go!

Why do you publish most of your stories on a website?

The vision behind Shade of the Morning Sun is a giant web of interrelated stories, which link to each other, and which can be read in any order. That is not possible to do in ebook-form the way the market currently is (a clone of the physical bookmarket – just online). So that’s why. The website is, par excellence, the best way to present these stories.

That this approach presents me with all kinds of other problems because people still usually search for fiction first in established online markets like Amazon (sites like Wattpad notwithstanding) … well, that’s another story. But I’m working on the marketing-part, too. And eventually, I will get more resources for that, as well – and, hopefully more readers to this site.

Why do you also publish your ebook stories for free on this website?

Because the point of doing ebooks is not to become a mega-bestseller in this format. The point is that I’d like a little extra exposure, which I will have – theoretically – but putting select stories out in ebook-format on various vendors’ platforms. It may not be much but it is better than nothing.

I have priced the ebooks, though, because they do provide some extra value (an extra story not published anywhere else), and because, you know, I might actually make some coffee money down the line, which would be nice. But I don’t want this ‘caging’ of my stories to become a problem for anyone who wants to read the full monty. Hence they are also available for free here on this site – the main stories which usually are about Carrie, Jon, Lin, etc.

The backup-features that ad value to the ebooks are usually about more peripheral characters, like Carrie’s mother or a mutual friend from Carrie and Lin’s high school. They are meant to supplement and comment on the main stories, though. So if you are a big fan of Carrie (and you are, aren’t you? ;-)), you will have an incentive to go get the ebooks as well. But if you don’t, it’s okay. They are there, as said, first and foremost as a little extra exposure for this site.

But don’t you want to be a rich and famous – and real – author?

I want this vision to become real first and foremost and then try through various means to get people to read the stories directly from my site and experience the characters, their trials and tribulations, but in this particular format – the giant web of stories you can jump back and forth through. That is my primary purpose for doing these stories, aside from just enjoying the process and expressing myself. I don’t give a crap about being a ‘real author’.

However, I am not religiously against being labeled an author or against publishing traditionally or independently in the ‘normal’ ways and I will take some initiatives down the line to get stories out at least as independent ebooks. But those initiatives must always be in line with the vision. So I would never sell the rights to my stories, for example, so some publishing house could package them away in physical books or DRM-locked ebooks and throw away the key.

As regards money, I make a living as a web(shop)designer, which I am currently content with. Also I have a brain. So if I wanted to get rich, I’d choose some other project than this.

Why can’t I get your ebooks on Amazon?

Lots of reasons but right now during the corona-pandemic 2020 Amazon is being pretty dickish with regard to worker’s rights and safety (more than they usually are).

You should be able to convert the epub files from the ebooks you buy from my existing vendors easily enough with a program like calibre, so you can read them on your Kindle or Kindle App.

Why are there different people posing for the same character photos?

Because I’m not rich enough to pay someone to model for me. But these were some really beautiful photos which were offered royalty-free from Unsplash.com and other sites, and I felt they did the characters justice, even if there are some difference between the people portraying them not just over time, but often in the same time period. For me it is more important to find a photo that captures the general mood of a character or situation than something that looks exactly like Carrie or Jon or whomever did in, say, 2005.

Can I follow you on social media?

Not yet, because I simply don’t have the time to maintain social media accounts for this project as well as the ones I have for my IT-business. However, they will come up at some point and then you will be the first to know if you visit this site regularly – or sign up to my newsletter.

How do I know when new stories come out?

Easy peasy – sign up to my mailinglist, and you will be the first to know!

I think Carrie and Jon and co. are so cool – can I write fan-fiction with them?

Sure, conspicuously-flattering-questioner, but why not submit a story for this site and get it incorporated into the official canon/chronology? Check out my submissions page for details!