Is Shade of the Morning Sun a novel or a short story collection?

It is neither. Shade of the Morning Sun is a (constantly growing) collection of linked short stories, also known as a short story cycle or a novel in stories. Read more about this unique format here.

Why do you publish the stories in non-chronological order?

I like it that if I feel compelled to write a story from my characters’ youth, for example, building and expanding upon something we already know about them, then I can do that at any time. Or I can go back to the present, or perhaps even go and tell a future story. It’s a way of writing and creating a narrative universe that just has a strong personal appeal to me.

Why do you publish stories on a website?

The vision behind Shade of the Morning Sun is a big web of interrelated stories that link to each other – and can be read in any order, even though you likely get more out of reading them from the beginning. The vision is also that the collection is constantly growing – with past, present and perhaps even stories set in the future.

That vision is not possible to do only in ebook-form. You can get close to it, but the individual ebooks would be too disconnected in the reading experience, because you can’t just switch from one to another as easy as you can browse a collection of stories on a website. (Neither is it possible to realize the vision in print book-form, obviously.)

I have a strong vision for the presentation of the Shade of the Morning Sun-stories that is based on the blog format. That is a format where pages are easily arranged via dates and can be categorized and shuffled in infinite ways (for example, you could click a category with “Jon” and quickly get all the stories about this protagonist).

There is to me a quality of the blog format which is about getting the sense that as a reader you can zoom in on any single day – sometimes a single hour – in our characters’ lives. That sense just isn’t there with ebooks or print books which are fixed and not dynamic formats.

A website is therefore, I feel, the best way to present my project with these linked short stories, although I certainly don’t rule out more ebooks, print books, and possibly audio down the line, but as supplements – not the core of the narrative project.

Why don’t you sell the Shade stories to a magazine or publishing house?

See my previous answer.

Is Shade of the Morning Sun web fiction?

Yes, but a more precise term in the case of Shade of the Morning Sun is electronic literature, which for all intents and purposes is the same as “web fiction”.

The Electronic Literature Organization which is based in Washington State University Vancouver has the following definition of “electronic literature”:

Electronic literature is born-digital literary art that exploits, as its muse and medium, the transmedia possibilities of the digital. It is … [a] work with an important literary aspect that takes advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.

Or to put it in layman’s terms: It is writing and publishing a story using the same medium and technology that billions of web pages use today with (mostly) non-fiction material about every conceivable topic, including all its possible functionalities, such as video, music, images and interactive options (commenting, dynamic sorting of stories, etc.).

The ELO has a large directory of such literature, which is worth checking out.

I have written an overview over the various forms of electronic literature I know of here, if you get a better overview of what’s out there.

Will you ever write a full novel with the characters from Shade?

I certainly won’t rule it out, but right now I simply don’t have the time.

Why are there different people posing for the same character photos?

Because I’m not rich enough to pay someone to model for me. I only use royalty free photos from Unsplash which I have repurposed the best I could.

Can I follow you on social media?

Not yet, because I simply don’t have the time to maintain social media accounts for this project as well as the ones I have for my IT-business. However, they will come up at some point and then you will be the first to know if you visit this site regularly – or sign up to my newsletter.

How will I know when new stories come out?

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