How to read

How to read

Shade of the Morning Sun is a collection of linked short stories (or novel in stories) about the same characters – a family of three generations, starting with the ‘middle generation’ – Carrie and Jon.

How then to go about reading these stories? Is it okay to start at the beginning? Certainly, but Shade of the Morning Sun is also electronic literature, or more precisely: hypertext fiction.

This means that there are a number of other ways you might enjoy the stories. Below is an excerpt from the FAQ – with a guide to alternative ways of reading Shade of the Morning Sun, as well as a video overview.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the author.

How to read – video guide

How to read – written guide

As already mentioned, you can of course read the stories in chronological order, starting here.

However, Shade of the Morning Sun stories offers the filter options of the blog system to invite you to read the stories in many different sequences.

There is no single ‘correct’ reading of the entire novel in stories, and no requirement to ‘mix’ the stories. You can read them in a more traditional, linear way or non-linearly.

The main non-linear reading options are:

  • You can read stories with a single, recurring character only.
  • You can filter to read from a certain POV – e.g. a certain character’s 1st person POV.
  • You can read the stories present to past or the other way around.
  • You can filter by musical inspiration
  • You can filter by mood
  • You can also jump between stories when a story features a hyperlink to story that is related, for example a background story that is not required but will enhance your experience of the present story.

I also have stories that overlap in time but can be read separately. For example, “The One I Tried To Destroy (III)” and “That Imaginary Desert” both place on the same day with the same protagonist, but you can also read them separately. I plan to do plenty more of those.

Furthermore, you can find ‘secret stories’ that are not visible in any of the main indexes (a bit more on that below).

Finally, you may want to dip into the recently started series of vignettes which can be enjoyed independently, like all the other stories, but otherwise are intended to enhance and supplement the main short stories.

There aren’t stories about all characters yet or stories enough to use all filter options equally, but the 40+ stories (and many more scenes and vignettes) should give you a good impression of where the project is heading, as well as an engaging reading experience!