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3rd person - Emma

This Day’s An Invitation

Summer in Berlin and time for a family to disintegrate. But Emma is not going down with the ship.

1st person - Carrie

Next Step: Tomorrow

Carrie and the eternal struggle between creativity and life. [Vignette]

3rd person - Carrie

Not To Tell Another Lie

Carrie gives up her ‘passion business’, but what should she do instead?

3rd person - Emma

The Seven Words Left On Paper

Another day when Emma has to decide if she believes her mom is depressed enough to do something really frightening …

3rd person - Carrie

One Step Closer

A rehablitated drug addict is offered 100,000 dollars from an obscure religious organization to ‘change her life’.

1st person - Carrie

Hello And Welcome

A story about how to welcome those broken dreams of ever becoming an artist.

3rd person - Jon

His Last and First Breath

Jons miraculous survival in a flash flood sets off a confrontation with his PTSD from the Iraq war. And it may just destroy his family.

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(This index also includes vignettes, as well as story parts and scenes if a story takes place over several days or longer.)