The following novels-in-stories are stories that are more closely linked and can be read as a ‘novel’.

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From the years 2011-2019: Carrie has managed to string together a fragile family life in the border town of Yuma, with husband and kids.  However, she is working shit jobs, her relation with her husband is deteriorating, and she feels hollow because she never got serious as an artist. It seems like there is no solution … except never giving up hope.

From the years 2003-2004: Carrie has escaped cocaine addiction and her violent boyfriend, but can’t escape her guilt. She embarks on a journey that will either lead to redemption or … 

From the years 2000-2001: Carrie’s life is thrown off course with the tragic suicide of her best friend. She drops out of law school and gives up her artistic ambitions as well, and then she takes to the road in South America not sure if she will ever come back …

From the years 1995-1999: Carrie meets Adeline Kouris in high school and despite their many differences, they end up with a strong bond. Together they go through high school and college sharing the best, and worst, moments …  

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