All stories in chronological order

Like Blood In A Darkroom

New Year’s Even 1997: Four friends from high school – Carrie, Lin, Alan and Lars – meet for one last time in an isolated holiday house to party all night before they go their separate ways.

Clear Horizon

Carrie and Lin are on their way home after a late-night cinema-trip, talking about if they should be jealous of their two friends – Alan and Nadine – for being in a relationship.

That Which Cannot Be Broken

On the run from drug-addiction and her violent ex-boyfriend, Carrie is hiding out in a small Montana town. When she is witness to bikers assaulting a man she has to make yet another choice about life or death.

Shadows In The Shape Of Men

In a boarding house on the Pacific Coast, Carrie meets a potential new friend whose scars may rival her own.

Portrait of a Killer

Carrie has finally ditched both drugs and her violent boyfriend, Jeremy. So is it at last time to get rid of the gun she has kept within close reach since leaving Jeremy? Maybe not.

Scars of Our Civil Wars

Carrie becomes obsessed with finding out the fate of one Anna Lee Shepherd – a teenage survivor from a destructive Civil War raid.

Like The Wind Through My Tree (I)

A lonely cop—Jon—is trying to figure out if he has the courage to start a relationship with the lonely waitress, Carrie. Or if he even should, since he (rightly) suspects she, like himself, is ‘damaged goods’.


Jon tries to save a young man from juvenile detention while reflecting on how his own brother saved him from the same fate many years ago.

Like Grace From The Earth (I)

On a bus-ride, Carrie befriends Anna, an elderly photographer. Carrie has a family now but is not happy. She wonders if she can live what she has left of her life without trying once more to realize her old dreams of becoming an artist herself.

The Inside That I Carve

During her dead-end cleaning job at the nursing home, Carrie struggles with anxiety about not being able to break free.

Sparkles In The Rain

Carrie tries to discuss some of her personal problems with her estranged father – perhaps too early.

One Step Closer

Carrie is offered 100,000 dollars from an obscure religious organization to ‘change her life’.