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The following is the complete list of Shade of the Morning Sun-stories. They are mostly about Carrie, but I’ve inserted stories about other members of the cast where they fit into the chronology. So if Shade of the Morning Sun was a big book about everyone in the cast and their interactions this would be its chapter index!

Stories about Carrie’s teenage friendship with Lin – until its tragic end (1995-2000)

Boats Against The Current

Carrie meets her best friend-to-be at a party from hell, and almost loses her the same night

Strangers In Moscow

Carrie balks as Lin offers to buy her an apartment for her inheritance, so Carrie can get away from living with her mother in a cramped two-roomer

Bound To Be A Better Ride

Lin and Carrie talk on the phone at Christmas about how to deal with hating your parents – and other blossoming friendship things


Lin goes to her first roleplaying session after her father’s death, and reflects on how to act when she arrives

All I Wanna Say IS

Carrie and Lin grow closer as they discover their mutual hopes and dreams for making it as an artist and author respectively. They just have to agree on the limits of those dreams

3 A.M. Eternal

On their way home from a night out Carrie manages to get dangerously sick and insult Lin at the same time

The Things We Find Behind The Door

Carrie is no longer able to hide her jealousy of Lin’s wealth and has to decide if she wants to keep living in the same apartment as her best friend

Clear Horizon

Carrie and Lin are on their way home after a late night cinema-trip, talking about if they should be jealous of their two friends – Alan and Nadine – for being in a relationship

This Is Where We Walked

Dark clouds gather over life, as Lin struggles with depression. In a bid to make peace with the past Lin takes Carrie to see a haunted house

Stories from Carrie’s long road trip in the Americas (2000-2004)

Roads To Leave By

Carrie’s friend, Nadine, tries to stop Carrie from quitting her studies and traveling to South America with no plan to ever come back

Love Is A Shield

At a holiday resort in Belize Carrie mets Dale who provides a welcome distraction. But how do you go on a date when you are on the run from personal tragedy?

Under My Skin

Carrie has traveled all the way to Lima in Peru but has not escaped her grief. She wonders how to find the strength to go on

Without A Trace

Siobhan is everything Carrie could wish for in a traveling companion. But Carrie has trouble letting anyone get close

New Year’s Day

Carrie meets Jacob from Israel who is slated to go to prison when he returns, for refusing military duty. It seems there is no way out. They try to find one anyway

The Halo Of Our Souls

In a Bolivian market Carrie helps a lost little boy search for his mother, with some unexpected consequences

The One I Tried to Destroy

Ending up in Buenos Aires, Carrie befriends a Falklands War-veteran who turns out to have a dark side

When We Hear The Voices Sing

Carrie considers breaking up with her new but violent boyfriend, Jeremy

A Thousand Reasons

Having escaped Jeremy by jumping out of his car, Carrie wanders along a desert road, without water wondering if she made the right choice

A Letter For My Daughter

Going cold turkey in a lonely motel room, trying to rid herself of cocaine addiction, Carrie writes a letter to the daughter she does not yet have

That Which Cannot Be Broken

On the run from drug-addiction and her violent ex-boyfriend, Carrie is hiding out in a small Montana town. When she is witness to bikers assaulting a man she has to make yet another choice about life or death

Shadows In The Shape Of Men

In a boarding house on the Pacific Coast, Carrie meets a potential new friend whose scars may rival her own

Stories about Carrie’s struggle to start a family and realize her artist dreams (2005-and on)

The Finland Station

Jon meets Carrie for the first time in a run-down gym in Flagstaff, AZ

Like The Wind Through My Tree

The lonely cop – Jonathan Reese – is trying to figure out if he has the courage to start a relationship with the lonely waitress – Carrie. Or if he even should, since he (rightly) suspects she, like himself, is ‘damaged goods’

In Spite Of Dreams

Back in Scotland Siné Munroe was Carrie’s best friend. Then Carrie moved to the US and Siné stopped writing for 16 years. So when Siné out of the blue sends a friend request on Facebook Carrie has to make a choice

When The Moment Arrives

What happens when you are waiting at the airport to meet an old friend after 16 years but is not sure you can forgive her for staying out of touch for so long?


Jon tries to save a young man from juvenile detention, while reflecting on how his own brother saved him from the same fate many years ago

Like Grace From The Earth

On a bus-ride Carrie befriends Anna, an elderly photographer. Carrie has a family now but is not happy. She begins to wonder if she can live what she has left of her life without trying once more to realize her old dreams of becoming an artist herself

When They Asked Me If I Knew You

After Anna’s death, Carrie has a strange dream

Ancient Melodies

Carrie meets a woman whom she might have become friends with, if they had not gotten off on the completely wrong foot

The Morning Sun

One perfectly normal morning in Carrie and Jon’s family – or maybe not

Ghost Hearts

Carrie finds an article about new quantum physics and the theory of ‘ghost universes’. Even though she knows it is no good and perhaps a little crazy, she begins to obsess about the idea that Lin may be is alive in another universe

From The Day You’re Born

Carrie and Jon’s children, Emma and Michael, play hide and seek in the parking lot of a motel, while a thunder storm approaches

The Inside That I Carve

During her dead-end cleaning job at the nursing home, Carrie struggles with anxiety about not being able to break free of the demands of everyday life and finally find time to draw, maybe even tell stories with her drawings

Sparkles In The Rain

Carrie tries to discuss some of her personal problems with her estranged father – perhaps too early

Hello And Welcome

Carrie is close to going crazy for not being able to get something going with regard to her broken dreams about becoming an artist

One Step Closer

Carrie is offered a 100,000 dollars from an obscure religious organisation to ‘change her life’. She is pretty desperate to receive it, since she hates her job and feels her life is in a rut. But the offer may just tear her fragile family apart before she can make a final decision


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