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Boats Against The Current

A story about our closest friendships, and how they sometimes risk breaking up before they even get started.

In the Eye of the Storm

Your best friend crashes your cozy evening during a snowstorm. She has run away from a broken home and refuses to go back to a mother she hates. If there ever was a time for friendship, this is it.

Like Blood In A Darkroom

Dec 31, 1997: Four friends from high school meet for one last time in an isolated holiday house to party all night before they go their separate ways. But as the clock ticks toward 1998, only one thing is truly clear: That nothing is.

Clear Horizon

Carrie and Lin are on their way home after a late-night cinema-trip, talking about if they should be jealous of their two friends – Alan and Nadine – for being in a relationship.

This Is Where We Walked

Dark clouds gather over life, as Lin struggles with depression. In a bid to make peace with the past Lin takes Carrie to see a haunted house.

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