Stories about Lin

Stories about Lin

The following is a list of all of the Shade of the Morning Sun-stories which feature Lin Christakis, Carrie’s best friend who committed suicide when they were both in their early twenties.

Many of the stories are told from Carrie’s POV but feature Lin prominently, so I’ve included them here to give you the most complete reading experience if you mostly want to read about Lin.

Stay tuned for more stories!

Boats Against The Current

Lin meets her best friend-to-be at a party from hell, and almost loses her the same night

Strangers In Moscow

16 year old Lin offers to buy Carrie a condo for Lin’s inheritance in order for Carrie to get away from living with her mother in a cramped two-roomer

Bound To Be A Better Ride

Lin and Carrie talk on the phone at Christmas about how to deal with hating your parents – and other blossoming friendship things


Lin goes to her first roleplaying session after her father’s death, and reflects on how to act when she arrives

In The Eye Of The Storm

Lin crashes Carrie’s cozy evening during a snowstorm. She has run away and refuses to go back to a mother she hates. If there ever was a time for friendship, this is it

All I Wanna Say IS

Carrie and Lin grow closer as they discover their mutual hopes and dreams for making it as an artist and author respectively. They just have to agree on the limits of those dreams

3 A.M. Eternal

On their way home from a night out Carrie manages to get dangerously sick and insult Lin at the same time

The Things We Find Behind The Door

Carrie is no longer able to hide her jealousy of Lin’s wealth and has to decide if she wants to keep living in the same apartment as her best friend

Clear Horizon

Carrie and Lin are on their way home after a late night cinema-trip, talking about if they should be jealous of their two friends – Alan and Nadine – for being in a relationship

This Is Where We Walked

Dark clouds gather over life, as Lin struggles with depression. In a bid to make peace with the past Lin takes Carrie to see a haunted house

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