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1st person - Carrie

Scars of Our Civil Wars

Carrie becomes obsessed with finding out the fate of one Anna Lee Shepherd – a teenage survivor from a destructive Civil War raid.

1st person - Carrie

Portrait Of A Killer (III)

It ends on a Friday evening. I come home dead-tired and feel rotten and then sorry for myself and then angry. Business as usual. Then

1st person - Carrie

Portrait Of A Killer (II)

The weeks pass.  Daniel fits right in. He seldom talks. We seldom talk … … except about instrumental things, like where is the remote for

1st person - Carrie

Portrait of a Killer

Carrie has finally ditched both drugs and her violent boyfriend. Is it time to get rid of her gun, too?

3rd person - Carrie

Shadows In The Shape Of Men

In a boarding house on the Pacific Coast, Carrie meets a potential new friend whose scars may rival her own.

3rd person - Carrie

That Which Cannot Be Broken

When Carrie is a witness to bikers assaulting a man, she has to make yet another choice about life or death.

1st person - Carrie

Paris Nowhere

Carrie arrives at a strange motel in the middle of nowhere. [Vignette]

1st person - Carrie

A Letter For My Daughter

Going cold turkey in a lonely motel room, trying to rid herself of cocaine addiction, Carrie writes a letter to the daughter she does not yet have.

1st person - Carrie

A Thousand Reasons

It’s stupid to try to walk through the desert from Painted Rocks to Tucson with only half a bottle of water in your handbag. But Carrie is doing so anyway – or is she? [Vignette]

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