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Latest ebook

Portrait Of A Killer

It looked as if Carrie had finally started getting her life back together.

She had ditched both drugs and her violent boyfriend, Jeremy. She had even begun to draw again, something that meant the world to her before her life crashed.

So is it at last time to get rid of the gun she has kept within close reach since leaving Jeremy?

Maybe not.

Enter grim-faced, silent Daniel who never lowers his shades. He moves into the boarding home where Carrie stays – into the room right next to hers.

And Daniel looks and behaves very much like Jeremy did just before he exploded …  

A story about constantly being on the run and making the decision that could end it all – one way or another. Approx. 7000 words.

Read the main story for free here – or purchase here if you want an extra story not published anywhere else:

The Lighthouse

Carrie’s sour landlord, Tom Conway, has to decide what to do about his mentally ill son. His wife wants their son to come home, but can there ever be a home for a violent schizophrenic?

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