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moving on

His Last and First Breath

While trying to save a young boy from drowning, Jon almost drowns in a flash flood himself. The boy dies and once again Jonathan has to face off with his survivor’s guilt from the Iraq war 15 years earlier. And his attempts to find peace may just end up destroying his family …


Sometimes you can go home again.

Ghost Hearts

Carrie finds an article about new quantum physics and the theory of ‘ghost universes’. Even though she knows it is no good, she begins to obsess about the idea that her dead friend, Lin, may be alive in such a ghost universe.

The One I Tried to Destroy

Ending up in Buenos Aires, Carrie befriends a Falklands War-veteran who turns out to have a dark side.

Without Any Fear

In New York, a lonely Deborah ponders what life may hold for her now.