Artists and / or songs that inspired the stories below … 

short story

New Year’s Day

Sometimes every day is new year’s day. A very special flashback.

Joan in the Dark

Can thinking of good memories outweigh the terror of impending death? David Reese is about to find out.


When your family is in crisis – is your job an asset or a liability?

Black and White

How to pick the right side in a fight between your father and your brother.


Do autistic children have their own language?


What angels do you call on to keep away the fear as you get older?

Up That Hill

Brothers in arms do not always fight for the same thing. A story.


It is always so f… difficult to give yourself some credit. Unless you can give it to someone else first.

High Road

When you feel like escalating an argument and the consequences can’t be damned. A story.

Home Front

What do you do to get some peace of mind, and who helps you? A story.


What are the lies you can’t even hide from yourself? A story.