New stories

New stories

Like Blood In A Darkroom

New Year’s Eve 1997: Four friends from high school meet for one last time in an isolated holiday house to party all night before they go their separate ways. But neither plans for the future, nor friendships you once thought would are as iron clad as you once thought …  

Finished November 2020. Taking place December 1997. Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – “Ice Machine”

Until You See the Signs

Carrie’s sojourn i Bolivia is almost finished. But there is one thing that makes it especially hard to say goodbye. A story about the best ways to deal with a break-up.

Finished September 2020. Taking place April 2001. Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – “No Good”

Scars of Our Civil Wars

An unlikely gig exposes Carrie to the life story of one Anna Lee Shepherd – a teenage survivor from a destructive Civil War raid on a Georgia plantation by renegade Yankee troops in 1864 – but then disappeared years later.

Carrie becomes obsessed with finding out how Anna’s life really ended, high up in the Rocky Mountains. Even at the risk of her own life …

Finished August 2020. Taking place April 2004. Soundtrack: Guns N’ Roses- “Civil War”

His Last and First Breath

When state trooper Jonathan Reese by chance becomes the first responder to a child trapped in an Arizona flash flood, his quiet day on patrol comes to a brutal end. While trying to save the young boy from drowning, Jon himself is swept away by the flood.

Finished July 2020. Taking place October 2018. Soundtrack: Clannad – “In Fortune’s Hand”

Portrait Of A Killer

Meet grim-faced, silent Daniel who never lowers his shades. He moves into the boarding home where Carrie stays – into the room right next to hers. And Daniel looks and behaves very much like her violent ex, Jeremy, did just before he exploded …  

Finished March 2020. Taking place February-March 2004. Soundtrack: Genesis – “Abacab”

In The Eye Of The Storm

Lin crashes Carrie’s cozy evening during a snowstorm. She has run away and refuses to go back to a mother she hates. If there ever was a time for friendship, this is it

Finished February 2020. Taking place place February 1996. Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – “Here Is The House”

Love Is A Shield

At a holiday resort in Belize Carrie mets Dale who provides a welcome distraction. But how do you go on a date when you are on the run from personal tragedy?

Finished January 2020. Taking place May 2000. Soundtrack: Camouflage – “Love Is A Shield”

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