Newest stories

These are the most recent stories added to Shade of the Morning Sun, including flash fiction and vignettes.
(Dates on each post denote when in time the stories are set.)

New stories - January 2022

More Mileage

Carrie has started taking Taekwondo-classes but is kicked to the floor again and again.

Shining Through

In Prague, Emma and Stephen seek out vastly different sights.

New stories - December 2021

Ground Control

Michael puts a serious problem into new perspective.


On her first vacation overseas, Emma is struggling to keep her first relationship going.

Every Time

Jon reflects on how to help his autistic son to play. [Vignette]

In Black and White

On the way to her new psychiatrist, Lin decides to start treatment early. [Vignette]

Without Any Fear

In New York, a lonely Deborah ponders what life may hold for her now. [Vignette]