From Duluth News Tribune:

“The city and its blue collar people, specifically the Polish Americans who have lived in Superior’s East End, have long been at the center of [Anthony] Bukoski’s award-winning writing. He told the Superior Telegram in 2009 that he was inspired by ‘imagination, inspiration, small courtesies people pay to each other, tragedies people suffer.’

“‘I’ll never in my lifetime be able to tell all the stories that just seem to hang in the air,’ he said at the time.

“Time has proven it true.

“With his latest, ‘The Blondes of Wisconsin,’ published in April by the University of Wisconsin Press, Bukoski again pulls from that same air with a series of 16 linked short stories built, mostly, around Eddie “The Bronk” Bronkowski who is a brother, boxer, deckhand, beau and uncle.

“Bukoski has written a handful of books, including most recently ‘North of the Port,’ which the Boston Globe referred to as a gem. He’s regularly reviewed by Publishers Weekly, and Booklist tapped into his ‘heart-piercing, poetic fiction of place and ethnicity’ and mused that it ‘makes one wish to be Polish, too, despite the heartbreak.’

“During the pandemic, he carried on as usual: long walks in the country and work on a novella — much-chronicled, written in longhand, using both sides of a sheet of paper, a pillow in his lap and topped with a record album.

“This new project, which recently topped 100 pages, marks the return of a character Bukoski hasn’t been able to shake.
It has been about 10 years since Bukoski published a new collection, a period that found him writing, but without his regular level of enthusiasm.

“‘I was worn out from writing,’ he said. “I was just tired. So I kept writing, but I wasn’t as intent at getting another book done.’

“He recalled thinking that he had to make a decision: write or don’t write. He found through the inertia and came out on the other side.

“Recently, he said, he feels like he has gotten his strength back.

“‘I’m writing as well as ever,’ he said.”


Love the fact that he is writing his books in longhand! 🙂

Anyway, check out the Goodreads page for Anthony Bukoski’s “The Blondes of Wisconsin”!

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