Story leads

Story leads

The following is a list of all Shade of the Morning Sun-stories – with story leads.

These are ideas I’d like to make into stories at some point. They could also serve as inspiration for you if you’d like to submit a story.

Stories about Carrie’s teenage friendship with Lin – until its tragic end (1995-2000)

Boats Against The Current

– How was Lin’s life before she met Carrie?

– What was Carrie’s very first time at high school like, coming over from Scotland?

Strangers In Moscow

– How were Carrie and Lin’s second meeting in high school after the party from hell – and before this story?

Bound To Be A Better Ride

– A story about Carrie meeting Lin’s mother and vice versa. It could take place before or after this story. Both parents have a lot of flaws, but they might also be able to do something right in a tight situation, like after Lin’s father’s death


– More stories about Lin’s relation with Alan and the other ‘geek’-friends from high school. How did they meet initially? How much did Lin have to struggle to get accepted on her merit as a roleplayer and not because she came from an elite family?

All I Wanna Say IS

– More stories about the kinds of stories Carrie and Lin want to write/draw and which never quite seem to become real, due to all life’s distractions

3 A.M. Eternal

– Carrie and Lin have now shared a condo for a while. What was the first time like? What were some of the good/bad times before this dreadful night?

The Things We Find Behind The Door

– After this story, Carrie and Lin definitely have to make up again, and slowly regain each others’ trust. So how do they go about it?

Clear Horizon

– More stories about the small clique of high school – now college friends – and about them going out together. It would be interesting to explore further how they view their lives and the world at the turn of the century – hopes and dreams – especially with all the hindsight we have now, 20 years on …

This Is Where We Walked

– More stories about Lin’s slow, but sure signs of depression. How they have to go to the psych ward several times. Her abuse of pills. Her denial. The strain on the friendship between her and Carrie. And, of course, some hints of her drug abuse

– A story about the day Lin commits suicide

Here’s a list of the rest of the stories. I will soon write more leads for them!

Stories from Carrie’s long road trip in the Americas (2000-2004)

Roads To Leave By

Under My Skin

Without A Trace

New Year’s Day

The Halo Of Our Souls

The One I Tried to Destroy

When We Hear The Voices Sing

A Thousand Reasons

A Letter For My Daughter

That Which Cannot Be Broken

Shadows In The Shape Of Men

Stories about Carrie’s struggle to start a family and realize her artist dreams (2005-and on)

The Finland Station

Like The Wind Through My Tree

In Spite Of Dreams

When The Moment Arrives


Like Grace From The Earth

When They Asked Me If I Knew You

Ancient Melodies

The Morning Sun

Ghost Hearts

From The Day You’re Born

The Inside That I Carve

Sparkles In The Rain

Hello And Welcome

One Step Closer