Upcoming ebooks

Upcoming ebooks

His Last and First Breath

When state trooper Jonathan Reese by chance becomes the first responder to a family trapped in an Arizona flash flood, his quiet day on patrol comes to a brutal end.

While trying to save the youngest boy in the family from drowning, Jon is swept away by the currents himself.

He only survives because he suddenly spots the boy, who is actually safe on land, waving and calling his attention to vegetation near the shore of the creek. A place where he can grab onto something! And if the boy had not called for Jon, he surely would have missed it and drowned.

But afterward, the boy is found dead, but in a different part of the creek. He could never have been on the shore near Jon in the first place! 

Jon attempts to get back to normal life but is haunted by the sight of the boy – and the feeling that he was somehow chosen to survive, instead of an innocent child.

But why?

This time, Jon, the epitome of a no-nonsense police officer but with plenty of repressed survivor’s guilt already from his tour in Iraq, has found one case he can’t crack, and his increasingly obsessive search for answers threatens to cost him his family, his job, and perhaps his sanity.

A story about the unexplained that sometimes happens when life is close to death and what one man will sacrifice to find peace of mind about it.


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