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Upcoming ebooks

His Last and First Breath

A story about the unexplained that sometimes happens when life is close to death – and about one man’s search for answers that may be impossible to find.

When state trooper Jonathan Reese by chance becomes the first responder to a child trapped in an Arizona flash flood, his quiet day on patrol comes to a brutal end.

While trying to save the young boy from drowning, Jon himself is swept away by the flood.

He only survives because he spots the boy, now safe on land, waving and calling his attention to a tree near the shore. With branches hanging low that Jon can grab onto.

If the boy had not called for Jon, he knew he would have missed the tree and drowned.

But afterward, the boy is found dead … one mile to the south. He could never have been near Jon in the first place, since the flood raged north. 

Jon attempts to get back to normal life but is haunted by the sight of the boy – and the guilt about surviving, instead of an innocent child.

Jon, who is the epitome of a no-nonsense police officer but with plenty of never-worked-out survivor’s guilt already from his tour in Iraq 15 years earlier, has now found one case he can’t crack.

And his inability to find meaningful answers about his own survival makes him distance himself precipitously from the only real source of joy he has had since coming home from war – his wife and children.

Soon, Jon has a hard decision to make if he is going to do more than just continue surviving.


Available in ebook-format from select retailers.

“His Last and First Breath” – a short story of about 8K words.