The world’s biggest novel in stories

about life and the people who try to make it through – with some hope intact … 

Featured stories

His Last and First Breath

A man’s miraculous survival in a flash flood sets off a confrontation with his PTSD from the Iraq war. It may just destroy his family.


A police officer works hard to prevent a young man from juvenile detention, but begins to doubt his own motives.

Portrait of a Killer

So you have finally ditched both drugs and your violent boyfriend. Is it time to get rid of your gun, too?

Like Blood In A Darkroom

Four friends from high school meet for one last time in an isolated holiday house to party all night before they go their separate ways. But as the clock ticks toward new year, only one thing is truly clear about the future: That nothing is.

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Shade of the Morning Sun is ...

electronic literature / hypertext fiction / a network novel

a novel in stories / a short story cycle / a collection of linked short stories

contemporary literary fiction

Meet the author

Christopher Marcus has been developing the Shade of the Morning Sun project since 2011.

Reflections about ...

Electronic literature

“In general, as I have taken to saying to colleagues suspicious of all the buzz about digital technologies, the stake for literary studies in the digital age is not first of all technological. It is to follow the living language of human thought, hope, love, desire—and hate too—wherever it goes and wherever it has the capacity to be literary, even if the form, style, or grammar of such literariness does not always conform to canonical standards.”

– professor Alan Liu, “From reading to social computing” in Literary Studies in the Digital Age – An Evolving Anthology

Short stories

“[Virginia Woolf] said of photography; ‘Isn’t it odd how much more one sees in a photograph than in real life?’ This gives us, I think, a clue to the enduring power and appeal of the short story – short stories are snapshots of the human condition and of human nature, and when they work well, and work on us, we are given the rare chance to see in them more ‘than in real life.’.”

William Boyd, author of Any Human Heart and Brazzaville Beach

Novels in stories

“Life is a loose-flowing thing. There are no plot stories in life.”

– Sherwood Anderson